KeyINN, Property Management System, PMS


KeyINN’s Cloud-Based Property Management System is easy to learn with no software to install and lets you manage your hotel or inn from anywhere.

We have a solution for any boutique or standard hotels as well as a campground.

KeyINN Features are:

  1. Fully Cloud base, Hosted and Managed
  2. Visual Reservation, including map and calendar
  3. Encrypted data to have your data 100% protected
  4. Weekly, Daily, Hourly time slice
  5. POS integrated
  6. Package setup to have POS items as well room/site reservation
  7. Accounting Integrated
  8. The online gateway to any external agent software

We can show you how:

  • Cloud-Based software allows you to access your property from anywhere, freeing you from having to be on-location.
  • A single system that supports PMS, Global Distribution & Booking Engine will save you time and money.
  • Access to 24×7 customer support can put your mind at ease.
  • An easy-to-use all-inclusive system will improve your business.

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