PicoAd, Digital Signage


For Brand Owners: PicoAd connects your out-of-store marketing efforts to the consumer point of decision inside the retail stores. It brings your product to the top of the consumers’ mind, resulting in a direct impact on sales and dramatically improving your “Brand Awareness”.

For Retailers: PicoAd improves the customer experience and generates store loyalty. Ask PicoAd Kiosks promote multiple purchases, entice cross-selling, up-selling and ultimately influence consumers’ shopping behavior…increasing sales volume per customer visit.

For Consumers: PicoAd is a Gastronomic guide to Food and Wine or Beer pairing, party planning, researching top selling products and discovering over 6,000 drink and 1,500 new food recipes. PicoAd scans merchandise then presents ‘product write-ups’ onscreen and with the tap of a finger, PicoAd prints the information to take away.

For more information please visit Picoad.com website.